Hello and welcome to the classifieds here at OutlawTour. When I got into web pages years ago I only wish I had started sooner! Shocking as you might think to wake up one day and realize you were wasting all your tallents for nothing! Well, why not try something different for a change! I remember when FB and MySpace were only just launching! I tried to get as many of my friends using social media or at least email, but it was like trying to convince a drunk that the are a drunk! Now those same folks are uploading left right and center to these sites helping freed the corporate redneck MLM giants they claim they hate! All the while protesting in the streets or where ever online like a bunch of Zombies! Hmm,I like that! Ok you stinking FB Zombies! Get out of the closets and go make your own web page and list it with a search engine or send it to some of your friends email addresses. Oh, whats that? You have crappy free email? Well, its easy to get you own personal email! Find out the anwsers to these questions and many more all in the free classifieds ads. Feel free to list your own private items or promote your own business! Enjoy!


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