b.a.r.d. basic analog recorded digitally

Sound Design & Audio Mix by Roy Harter at SkinnyMan.Com

Known for his Beard now! Skinnyman.com

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Wait a dang second here!  I just found out Roy Harter had his own page~


This site will open your eyes of HD video & audio production as an art!  If you are not already completely drawn in by now, inbox me and tell me what ‘a up with you!  Not only do I support http://www.skinnyman.com but think that Roy Harter whould make a great Santa Clause in a remake of the Christmas Classic Black/White  “Miricle on 34th Street” Hmm, now that Roy Harter has a beard due to the shortage of shaving cream on the East Coast United States!  I know what you are all thinking and that is, why not just CLIP IT! And I don’t mean in a dartanian kinda way!  Rob Love from Alabama3 told me once when I was coming of age and couldn’t remember where my house was, that the beard is a showcase of the soul (s0), ” FOLICULATE OR DIE M%^#*&^#*!”

Thanks Rob, i’ll make sure I tell that gem!  So back to the Skinnymayn?  You would be INSANE ON BATH SALTS OR IN A REAL WEIRD PLACE NOT TO CHECK THIS OUT! WHY NOT LEAVE A COMMENT OR BETTER YET… Sorry I couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t for a mature audience only!  ha!  Wish I could have been there to help shouvle the snow business!  Wishing you WELL ROY HARTER! ~ b.a.r.d.music

 If you need any High Difiniton Audio & Video


Broadcast Quality

Post production / Editing



Audio Creation

Original Sound Track

ADR ( Active Diolauge Replacement )



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