What skinnyman?

bloq by b.a.r.d.music

Well Here We ARE AGAIN! What is it this time?

New York, New York



New York, New York

No longer on the back lines striking cables and cases,  as he keeps to a busy schedule of blackouts, bath salts and show stopping preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse!  Roy Harter is an American Legend!  I asked Roy what he does when it snows in New York!  He explained that, “when it snows flakes in NYC, it snows REAL Fired bricks on my driveway!”  Try and gather all that up with a snow shovel and chains! My hat comes off to you SkinnyMan but that is becouse someone pinched it while on tour in Wales, so I cut my hair in shame!  Now that’s DEEP!  Click the photo to get the Frack outta here and thanks again for allowing me to search through your website browser cache files and see if you left any goodies for me! Remember folks,

“if you see holes, there may be gophers!”

outlawtour for turnkeytoday.com

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