Mine’s a Pepsi!

20120725-002045.jpgFunny story right!  Ok, so since I have been off the booze n all for a few years now, the temptation is always there to maybe stray from the path for the sake of coulinary purposes.  Never has there been a more slippery sloap!  Let us just conscider that, although I am not an Alcoholic, I don’t drink becouse of all the nonsense that is associated with drinkers and drinking.  So I appreciate that opinions may differ, lets include a control group that we shall call “zelots”.  These will be the non-everything due to “religous reasons”.

OK so as you may have thought, this story involves a cat!  All the best storys do!  So last night I am throwing some chicken parm together and decide that I could do with a glass of wine.  So I go find a special bottle and open it.  Brilliant!  That’s all I can say for danger that I would be promoting drunkeness.  So we have dinner and at the end I was really relaxed and thought, I’m going to have another glass!  The words went seconds out of my mouth as George the Cat readys himself, still carrying some of that, um, winter weight, to jump onto what I thought was the arm of the sofa.  Well he missed and landed on the Flatpacked table and sent the thing off-ballence, throwing the plate of spegetti everywhere!  The disaster was only moments over as the exit path he then chose was right through the rest of the coffee table and wine glases that I think I’ve had for over 5 years….  Needless to say, I don’t have that wine glass anymore!  I look at the wrekage that was my so peacefully Zen dinner and can’t but think there is a lesson in all this?   Best suggestions/comments on what that lesson is win a KTLA bumper sitcker! HAHA!

Happy Trails!



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